Capabilities built over 25 years.​

Capturing opportunities.​

Denneen & Company performs exhaustive research, rigorous analysis and thoughtful synthesis, moving beyond findings to the kind of true insights that help clients envision more ambitious futures, and create actionable roadmaps for getting there.

Charting your unique path.

No two companies can or should pursue the same path to optimal growth. That’s why we take a custom, collaborative approach, aligning our market-tested best practices and tools to your unique objectives, strengths, and challenges. While we apply proven frameworks, we never rely on off-the-shelf solutions to address your unique needs.

Through informed opportunity assessment and prioritization, we arrive at the kind of proprietary insights that can create a meaningful competitive advantage and inform a unique growth strategy.

Of all the opportunities in the marketplace, a select few offer your company the greatest growth potential.

Here’s how we can help you capture them:


Clarify your current state.

We conduct deep explorations into market share, consumer and customer perceptions, your position in the competitive landscape, and the profitability of your products and customers to help you gain greater clarity around your strengths, weaknesses and capabilities.


Envision your future state.

We leverage findings from numerous sources including:

Develop and execute your strategy.

We continue to work closely with you as we construct where-to-play and how-to-win scenarios, creating your growth strategy across your enterprise, and ensuring that your footing on the path we’ve helped define is stable and sure.

Our industry experience.

Our key capabilities.​

Opportunity Assessment & Identification

Helping provide clarity around the position you currently command in the marketplace — and the one to capture.

Our Capabilities in Action

Our key capabilities.​

Insight Development

Denneen delivers true insight — not “findings” couched as “insights.”

Data extraction and findings from multiple sources:

Synthesizing and analyzing all data and findings to arrive at meaningful, actionable insights

Our Capabilities in Action

Our key capabilities.​

Enterprise Growth Strategy​

Helping to establish a clear vision of where to play and how to win, and the steps to getting there.

Our Capabilities in Action

Our key capabilities.​

Models & Tools​

Providing powerful planning and execution resources, from financial models to strategy playbooks.

Our Capabilities in Action

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A bolder vision — powered by broad expertise.

As experienced leaders and managers in our own right, we possess a real-world, practical understanding of the challenges you and your business face. Collectively, we offer experience and perspectives from a wide range of industries and geographies. And as a firm, we have spent more than 25 years developing and evolving powerful methodologies, models, and tools. Having worked in over 40 consumer categories and across more than 40 industry sectors, our expertise comes from a wide range of experiences, as do the insights we bring to your business.

Experience in global markets.

We’ve helped global companies grow in numerous countries and across varying levels of market maturity. With this broad experience, we often already possess or know how to get to the kinds of insights you need as a global business.