Making an attractive market position crystal clear.


Food & Beverage (Glass Containers)


To help secure the optimal sale price for a glass containers manufacturer in its portfolio, a PE firm needed to confirm and quantify the company’s unique and sustainable position in the marketplace.

Clearly defining this market position required addressing key areas where the company lacked insight:


In collaborating with the PE firm and company management, we were able to identify those areas where new insights would be most valuable. Then, we tailored our proven capabilities and frameworks to deliver against our client’s needs.

Opportunity Assessment & Identification

In this case, Market Analysis was the most crucial issue at hand, specifically:

Insight Development

What this client needed most was proprietary customer and consumer research designed to provide:

Models and Tools

Helping to quantify the manufacturer’s unique market position was best accomplished through Proprietary Modeling designed to establish:

Enterprise Growth Strategy

We developed an attainable, 5-year growth strategy with clearly articulated key initiatives and a credible forecast to help demonstrate the company’s potential future state.


The PE firm commanded a sale price of more than $1 billion, and was recognized by BUYOUTS with the Deal of the Year in 2017.