Private equity / glass container manufacturer​

9:38 pm


Food & Beverage (Glass Containers)


To help secure the optimal sale price for a glass containers manufacturer in its portfolio, a PE firm needed to confirm and quantify the company’s unique and sustainable position in the marketplace.

Clearly defining this market position required addressing key areas where the company lacked insight:


No two companies can or should pursue the same path to optimal growth. That’s why we take a custom, collaborative approach, aligning our market-tested best practices and tools to your unique objectives, strengths, and challenges. While we apply proven frameworks, we never rely on off-the-shelf solutions to address your unique needs. Through informed opportunity assessment and prioritization, we arrive at the kind of proprietary insights that can create a meaningful competitive advantage and inform a unique growth strategy. Of all the opportunities in the marketplace, a select few offer your company the greatest growth potential. Here’s how we can help you capture them:

Opportunity Assessment & Identification

In this case, Market Analysis was the most crucial issue at hand, specifically:

Insight Development​

What this client needed most was proprietary customer and consumer research designed to provide:


Models and Tools​

Helping to quantify the manufacturer’s unique market position was best accomplished through Proprietary Modeling designed to establish:


Enterprise Growth Strategy

We developed an attainable, 5-year growth strategy with clearly articulated key initiatives and a credible forecast to help demonstrate the company’s potential future state.



The PE firm commanded a sale price of more than $1 billion, and was recognized by BUYOUTS with the Deal of the Year in 2017.