Fortune 100 company

Reversing a significant drop in market share.


Consumer Packaged Goods (Sweeteners)


After experiencing a 21% decrease in market share due to private label and “natural” sweeteners entering the market, a top CPG company needed to revisit its brand and product strategies.


We worked closely with company leadership to set goals for recapturing market share and positioned the business for sustainable growth or divestiture.

Opportunity Assessment & Identification

We developed a new segmentation approach that changed paradigms and revealed a step-change growth opportunity with sugar users, a large audience that the brand had historically neglected.

Insight Development

Assessing key trends and competitors, and conducting custom research helped surface new and actionable consumer insights.

Enterprise Growth Strategy

With a revised consumer target and new insights, we worked with management to develop a brand and product growth strategy, along with a refreshed communication platform, to capture the identified size-of-prize.

Models and Tools

By devising volume projections and product concepts we were able to model a clear way forward and develop presentations to align and motivate the organization.


While maintaining its well-known master brand, the client launched a new “naturals” sub-brand with: