Nation-leading health care system

Optimizing a significant investment.


Health Care


To attract more patients to its “front door,” a leading health care system was planning a high-eight-figure investment in ambulatory care. Developing an effective ambulatory care strategy that would maximize investment and reduce risk required the health care system to:


We collaborated with the PE firm and company management to tailor our capabilities and frameworks to arrive at new levels of insight.

Opportunity Assessment & Identification

Developing ambulatory offerings with high appeal required a deeper understanding of competitive offerings and market share. Market Analysis helped to identify opportunities and clarify what services and value propositions our client should offer.

Insight Development

Proprietary customer and consumer research included a custom-designed quantitative study. Following a thorough synthesis and analysis of study results, including regression analyses to determine the key satisfaction drivers, we were able to provide a clear measure of the appeal of ambulatory care concepts under consideration.

Models and Tools

By tailoring our Market Sizing and Discrete Choice Models, we were able to provide our client with a quantitative means of decision making.


The health care system was able to identify an ambulatory care offer that, if launched in market, would be selected by over 60% of consumers. The insights gained informed the health system’s investment decisions, reduced risk and eased Board approval.