Manufacturing and design company

90 days from market entrant to leader of the pack.


Consumer Packaged Goods (Pet Toys)


A client knew from experience that dog toys were lacking innovation and was able to develop a better solution that tapped into a dog’s amazing sense of smell. The challenge was bringing it to market.


To provide the company with the level of insight they needed to launch a successful new brand and products, we tailored our capabilities to dig deep into the competitive landscape, understand the needs of “pet parents” and identify creative solutions to win at shelf.


Opportunity Assessment & Identification

In this case, Market Analysis proved especially valuable, yielding key insights:


Insight Development​

Proprietary customer and consumer research methods allowed us to dig deep and emerge with:


Models and Tools​

Helping to quantify the opportunity at hand and facilitate sell-in was accomplished through Market Sizing Models and a robust retail shelf productivity analysis, while a brand strategy and identity were developed to help clearly define the brand position and engage pet parents.


Enterprise Growth Strategy

Based on the strategic insights gained, we helped to launch a new pet toy brand and product line in over 1000 stores across the U.S.



Despite launching in the fall, just weeks before the holiday rush began, the new brand returned impressive results: